Daily rate apartments in the center of St. Petersburg

Welcome to the hth24 Apartments company website!

Our company offers apartments for rent by day in Saint-Petersburg, and provides professional services for the accommodation of tourists and visitors.

Our company is not an estate agency, we offer the own apartments for rent and are specializing in the accommodation of guests and prividing an hotel services, but for the more attractive prices and terms.

Clarity, efficiency, service quality and prices, are due to the fact that apartments for rent by day are provided by an owner.

Among the other companies, offering apartments for rent in St. Petersburg, Hi-Tech Home also has a number of advantages:

  • apartments are located in the center of Petersburg, near the railway stations, business centers and attractions
  • almost at the entrance of each apartment there are free parking zones
  • interiors of the apartments, the equipment and other details are designed carefully and in very convinient way, not only to provide the necessary conditions for living, but to make it unforgettably enjoyable and pleasant
  • even our low-cost apartments will surprise You with its purity, cleanliness, interiors... and the VIP apartments are the real stars of design and interior!
  • location on a map of St. Petersburg, photo galleries and other information on this site allows You even to look into every corner of every apartment and get all the information before booking an apartment
  • loyal terms of rent, the lack of moratorias on the time of entry and exit and visits alows You to feel like masters of your own home
  • teamwork of managers and other personnel of the company allows You to plan all the details of the visit, helps in reserving the correct apartment and purchase the additional services (transfers, additional equipment in the apartment, etc.)

Also Hi-Tech Home company are providing gorgeous multi-level apartments, that can accommodate even a company! And the luxurious VIP interiors and equipment of them will make You feeling like the President - and event the presence there will be an unforgettable vacation! Breathtaking views from the windows, glazed terrace, pool tables, saunas, swimming pools, showers and bathrooms with Jacuzzi and much much more - all this will be at Your services in our VIP suites!

Welcome to Saint-Petersburg!

Welcome to Hi-Tech Home apartments!

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