Hi-Tech Home apartment booking rules

Before booking an apartment, you have to contact contact the managers of the company to request the required apartment is available for the preferred dates and hours as well as to clarify the cost of accommodation per day. The price at the dates also depends on the specific check-in date, length of rental period and number of guests.

After a phone call, please select the apartment in the list on hth24.ru and click on "Book Online" button.

In the booking form you must fill in the required fields and the deposit amount (that were told by manager during the phone call). The payment may be processed over the Internet via Bank Card or several electronic money methods using the booking wizard. Also you can pay the deposit via Internet manually (using the requisites electronic money, Bank transfer, Pay Pall or other ways specified here, on the payment ways page). If you have friends or somebody in Saint-Petersburg he can pay the deposit in the Hi-Tech Home office in cash.

The deposit amount is the cost of one night stay. This amount will be withheld as collateral deposit for the duration of Your stay, and at the end is returned to you according to the contract.

In case of cancellation the Deposit is not refundable. Also 50% of the amount of the reservation will be withheld as a penalty. However, if You have notified us in advance, we charge transferred funds to Your personal account and You can use them to pay for our services in the future.

Payment for the whole period of stay is at the time of settlement.

Estimated time:

  • check in 14:00, check out 12:00

The additional payments at the check-in time:

  • cleaning services - 1000 RUB
  • early arrival (before 14:00); late arrival (after 21:00) - 500 RUB
  • early departure (00:00 – 08:00) - RUB
  • selected additional services (transfers, excursions, etc.)

Hi-Tech Home apartment stay policies

Accommodation in apartments for daily rent from our company is keeping our guests generally accepted with the St. Petersburg rules of living in multi-apartment buildings, fire safety requirements and sanitary norms.

You must take care of the interior, furniture and appliances, to prevent their damage. Residents are fully responsible for its safety.

Not allowed:

  • the organization of parties with large number of guests
  • loud noise and music after 23:00
  • Smoking inside the apartments and in inappropriate places
  • rude or disrespectful to the Concierge or other tenants

Attention! When making the reservation You agree to all these terms!

The agreement example is available here (PDF 160 Kb).

We will be happy to welcome You as our guest!


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