hth24 Apartments is a new apartment in the center overlooking the rooftops of St. Petersburg

hth24 Apartments is a new apartment in the center overlooking the rooftops of St. Petersburg

Introducing new apartments for rent, with the spirit of the age of XIX and XX centuries. Allows you to feel the inhabitant of the Petrograd apartment houses. The apartment has a luxurious, but nevertheless practical interior, furniture and equipment, spacious, and in addition it has a window with a view and access to the historic roofs of St. Petersburg.

the New apartments rent which is possible in the company hth24 Apartaments located in Mayakovskogo street 14.

this Apartment is located on the top floor and represents an attic apartment in a brick five-story former apartment building architect Nicholas F. Becker, of the famous architectural monument of the city.

Land plot with a two-story house, which is now a house, was purchased by the wife of the architect in 1879.

the Old building was demolished and in its place in the period from 1890 to 1891 saw the construction of new home on the joint project with the architect V. A. Prussakov.

as the apartments are located on the last floor, so you can enjoy a wonderful view of the centre of Saint-Petersburg. Mainly on the building of the late XIX century.

For lovers of the atmosphere of the time with an excellent view of the rows of roofs of apartment houses that were built EN masse then in Petrograd. This species is characteristic for the old town and is the hallmark of modern St. Petersburg.

tour guides are even guided tours on the roofs, like the sights of the city. I must say that they are very popular among visitors and residents of the former Imperial capital. To find a guide if you wish, for such excursions will not be easy, including contacting the Concierge service hth24 (free assistant for guests hth24 Apartments), or select individual VIP tour offered.

However, who is not afraid to take a risk, to go on the roof and they can from the attic apartment.

the Apartment consists of three rooms: living room and two bedrooms. It is perfect for couples with children. Thus it is possible to remove a pair of children and parents. All three generations will be placed successfully.

can Comfortably accommodate two couples (including one with a child).

This is a great apartment where you can comfortably accommodate one large family or two small.

to Tell about the good location of the apartment is hardly worth it. Everything is within walking distance: Ploshchad Vosstaniya, Nevsky and Foundry avenues, the embankment of the Neva river and the Fontanka river, Trinity and Foundry bridges, engineer's castle, Summer garden, cabin of Peter the great, Russian Museum and much more. Also located close to the metro station Mayakovskaya, Ploshchad Vosstaniya and Chernyshevskaya.

because the apartment is located on the last floor under the roof, which can heat up in the summer heat, to help prevent possible discomfort have quite powerful air conditioning.

the Entire interior is implemented in the style of the late XIX century – early XX century. The living room has even an antique piano. Maybe someone will want to play. It's set up. However, don't forget about the urban norms associated with silence and breaks for sleep of a child.

to find Out whether or not to rent this two-bedroom apartment overlooking the rooftops of St. Petersburg, you can contact us by phone or leave a request on the website.

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