New apartment in the center of St. Petersburg from hth24 Apartments

New apartment in the center of St. Petersburg from hth24 Apartments

Introducing the best offer this summer season - apartment on the Italian street 29-14!

the Company hth24 Apartments proudly presents the newest addition to our daily rent of apartments in the centre of Saint-Petersburg. Luxurious and cozy will delight you with comfort and luxury interior!

Saint Petersburg is the most popular tourist destination. To him constantly attracted the attention of a huge number of people in Russia and other countries of the world. Those wishing to visit the city on the Neva river for the first time is very large, but no less and those who visit it does not the first. This contributes to a huge number of monuments, museums, theatres not only in St. Petersburg, but also in the nearby suburbs.

when Deciding on the accommodation, many of the guests, preferring to hotel rooms and hotel service, strive to rent a comfortable apartment for rent. This method of placement has several advantages that hotels can not provide. This is especially true of service and place of residence in relation to the cost.

Apartments from hth24 Apartaments available for rent, located in different areas of the city, and principally in the "Golden triangle".

the Company constantly expands the list of possible options. This summer, guests wishing to stay for the duration of stay in the Northern capital, a unique opportunity - luxury apartment in the center, two minutes walk from Nevsky prospect and the famous Eliseevsky shop, five minutes to the Russian Museum and theatre of Alexandria.

Also located close to other sights and many bars, cafes, pizzerias and restaurants, fast food restaurants. Even in the house is one of the restaurants of the network "Eurasia". Hungry will be difficult :)

This gorgeous one bedroom apartment located on the second floor of a building with an inner courtyard. The Windows of the living room and main bedroom overlook it. Not to say that the night's rest in the bustling city centre is guaranteed. This is especially important if you have planned a tight tour schedule. Lovers of nightlife will also be satisfied.

the Yard is one of the attractions of St. Petersburg and the inhabitants called Italian courtyard. This is not only because it is located in a house on the Italian street. The fact that residents decided to paint the walls facing the courtyard, so it was like old Italy. A lot of apartment houses were put in order, on the walls there were painted shutters and even a view of the Colosseum.

the interior is stylized in the ancient and corresponds to the late eighteenth or mid-nineteenth century. The apartment has all the necessary range of electronics and home appliances include a washing machine.

Those who wish to shoot in an apartment, you should keep in mind that it is the most comfortable for two people, for example, for lovers or young couples, and this apartment would suit couples in the age, as the comfort level is practically perfect.

you can Rent two bedroom apartments for rent in the center of St. Petersburg on the Italian street now leave the application on our website or by calling the contact phone number.

the rent of this apartment is a perfect gift for a loved one, especially in conjunction with a memorable trip to St. Petersburg!


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