Hi-Tech Home Conсierge

Hi-Tech Home is producing the services to make Your life and vacations easier, so You do not waste precious time on little troubles, but truly enjoy every single day!

That is why we are launching a new project Hi-Tech Home Concierge!

This is a personal assistant that is able to fulfill Your every desire. The project is unique in that it is absolutely free! You don't need to buy tickets or pay for each order, all that is needed for the use of the Srevice is mobile phone.

At any time of the day or night that would be convenient for You, you need only dial the number 800 100 68 8 17 and our operator will fulfill all Your desires. Book the best table in any restaurant in the City, bring a bottle of exclusive alcohol, to consult with doctor or a lawyer - we will do everything that is necessary.

And for our apart - hotel guests in St. Petersburg we've also provided the individual Breakfast delivery from the best restaurants in St.Petersburg.

Call Concierge Hi-Tech Home and we will fulfill Your every desire!

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