There is something to see and admire a visit to the football exhibition in Saint-Petersburg!

In the Northern capital, preparing for world Cup 2018 is in full swing. In addition to the main event, the organizers prepared a variety of thematic routes and exhibition programs. On the eve of the championship, and after the games numerous fans and visitors can have fun and informative time visiting not only main attractions but also various exhibition events. About the accommodation definitely will make sure company hth24 Apartments, which at any moment is excited to give everyone daily accommodation in comfortable apartments.

Vivid and unforgettable tour will be the "Football Petersburg", which focuses on the history of the club "Zenit". Participants will also learn where they held Russia's first football game, the beginning history of football across the country.

Together with the tour guides recall the famous "Siege match", held on 31 may 1942 in the besieged Leningrad between teams "Dynamo" and Leningrad metal plant. The exposition devoted to this event, is called "faith in Victory, with the will to life...". Visitors to the exhibition will see unique photos, and newsreels made during the match, sports trophies from Museum "Sports facilities Dynamo" and much more, proudly remembering that sports life of the besieged city proved to the world that Leningrad fights, lives there.

Have something to learn and admire a visit to the football exhibition in Saint-Petersburg!

in Addition to the scheduled visits five iconic football ground in the city, such as the Specific Park, the stadium "Dynamo", the stadium "St. Petersburg arena", stadium "Petrovsky", St.-Petersburg.

Petrovsky Stadium, built in 1925, for many years was the main football arena of the city and the beloved stadium for all the fans of the legendary "Zenit". Participants have the unique opportunity to visit the stadium and see from the inside how the players of their favorite team prepare for the next matches.

Have something to learn and admire a visit to the football exhibition in Saint-Petersburg!

About the evolution of football in the cultural capital, you can visit the exhibition "Football the history of Saint-Petersburg". In the exhibition hall of the archives centre will present the real historical pictures and bright and interesting stories about the traditions of football fans in the city.

to Lift the curtain behind the scenes football life will help the exhibition "What a pain! Football and medicine", which tells about the various traumatic situations in sports and technologies that are used in the treatment of sports injuries. For children the exhibition will be organized a special interactive area dedicated to football.

Welcome to the Petersburg sports mood, invaluable knowledge and bright emotions!


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