Thematic and historical guided tours in Saint-Petersburg

Thematic and historical guided tours in Saint-Petersburg

Many guests renting the our apartments, coming to St. Petersburg not only during the famous White nights or in high season summer.

Winter is a great time to visit their Russian relatives, including in old age, to visit a number of excursions associated with the life of the city in times of war and related to the city's historical events.

the new year holidays Ended in the city on the Neva finally came the long awaited winter.

Those who could not or have planned your visit to St. Petersburg in the new year, in addition to sightseeing tours, visits to museums, trips to the suburbs to visit the Palaces-museums can choose another kind of fun — themed.

In the history of the city on the Neva has a lot of interesting pages, but the period of the great Patriotic war was the most heroic. For winters this period, the City received the most terrible trials and victories. January was a month of not only a blockade, but its complete removal.

it's No secret that during the great Patriotic war, 8 September 1941, then was fully occupied the territory around the city and more than 3 years, the city was completely surrounded.

Breakthrough of the siege ring was made only on 18 January 1943, lifting of the blockade was performed only on 27 January 1944.

Who comes to St. Petersburg by air are in Pulkovo. Many don't even know what's next, on Pulkovo heights, where the famous Pulkovo Observatory, was located in the last line of defense of Leningrad. From there it was close to the Moscow Avenue of the city. In 1975, the 30th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany, on the Victory square was opened the monument to the heroic defenders of Leningrad. Underground is one of the exhibits of the Museum of history of St. Petersburg, visited the exploits and suffering of the defenders and residents of besieged Leningrad.

This is one of the interesting exhibits that visitors can visit in the winter.

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Also, near the Foundry bridge, on Salt lane 9, near the embankment of the Fontanka river is a Museum of defense and blockade of Leningrad. The Museum was first opened in 1946, but in 1953 it was closed for political reasons. Second opening of the Museum took place in September 1989. The exhibition back previously collected exhibits and a host of new. Besides the permanent exhibition, the Museum hosts various exhibitions dedicated to the great Patriotic war.

exhibitions tell about the lives of many creative and talented individuals in these difficult times for the city periods are shown their life, dreams and thoughts that led to the birth of many masterpieces.

Thematic and historical guided tours in Saint-Petersburg Thematic and historical guided tours in Saint-Petersburg

the world Famous 7th Symphony of Dmitry Shostakovich were written by the author already in the besieged city and performed for the first time on 9 August 1942 ibid in the walls of the great hall of Academic Philharmonic society, which later was to bear his name.

the Philharmonic hall is located on Mykhailivska street, house 2, opposite the Europe hotel, close to Nevsky Prospekt and Gostiny Dvor.

Lovers of classical music, we highly recommend you to visit the most famous concerts, especially those involving rare collectives and tools. You will receive no less pleasure than a visit to the Mariinsky theatre or other well-known world cultural sites of St. Petersburg.

Thematic and historical guided tours in Saint-Petersburg

About the military and period resemble the many historic sites in the city. In different places remained preserved traces of shelling. On the Anichkov bridge, which connects the Nevsky prospect, there's a mark on the granite from an artillery shell.

On Nevsky Prospekt, d. 14 saved alarming the inscription, warning that the shelling this party of street is most dangerous.

On the embankment of the Fontanka river opposite the Palace of Naryshkin-Shuvalov and Faberge Museum, a commemorative granite plaque stating that here during the siege was the hole from which the inhabitants took water. The city had a problem with the supply not only food, but water.

In Vasilyevsky island, on the 2nd line near the apartment in which lived a young resident of the besieged city of Tanya Savicheva, a diary which later became famous all over the world. In this apartment there is no Museum, as it remained habitable.

on January 18 of this year marks the 75th anniversary of breaking the Siege and 74 years of full withdrawal, so many of the city's events and exhibitions devoted to it.

Themed virtual tour of the Besieged Leningrad

Amazing is the fact that he worked in the city Zoo. It did not have time to fully evacuate, some of the animals remained in the besieged city. Thanks to the hard work of employees, most of them survived. And the Zoo not only worked in the hard winter from 1941 to 1942. Many adults and children have visited the zoo. Amazing and recorded many of the world sources history of the hippopotamus, nicknamed "Beauty". The Hippo did not have time to get out of town, and she survived the war with its inhabitants and defenders.

I Want to note that Zoo awaits guests and is an extremely interesting exhibition for tourists from other cities and countries in our days. House more than 600 species of animals is located near Peter and Paul fortress in the Alexander Park, i.e. in the heart of the city.

For guests renting most of our apartments have a great opportunity to plan a Hiking trip to the Peter and Paul fortress and the Zoo.

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Many guests of St. Petersburg try to visit one of the symbols of the city — the legendary cruiser "Aurora". He is not only a symbol of October 1917, but a warship that fought the city on Newew war period. He became a symbol of courage of the sailors-the defenders of the Baltic fleet. Officially a cruiser and today including fighting unit of the Navy of Russia.

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the Baltic Navy during the war was based on the Neva river, and some were located in Kronstadt.

If you decide to visit in Kronshtadt - the city of seafarers, visit the stavropigial St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral. Its dome is visible from far already at the entrance to Kronstadt. Inside architecture and decoration is amazing and very majestic. The very contemporary Kronstadt is also cozy, elegant and beautiful town, even in the snowy winter.

Interesting to visit other cities-companions of Peter. Although, the restorers are still not all managed to recover from those early years (for example, the residence of Paul I in Gatchina restored for many decades), but in 2003 in the Catherine Palace in Pushkin again became available for Museum visitors the famous Amber room. It was restored through the efforts of a team of restorers for decades.

the One who at least time will visit Peterhof, for life is characterized by a magnificent cascade of fountains and the amazing Samson tearing the lion's mouth. The symbol of the victory of Russia over Sweden. However, this Park we encourage guests to visit in the summer when the fountains are working.

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Military history of the city-hero of Leningrad has a lot of memorable places and events. So you can visit both places mentioned above and take advantage of themed tours numerous travel agencies.

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