Small art gallery of modern art of Saint-Petersburg or the «green shoots» among the «old trees»

Small art gallery of modern art of Saint-Petersburg or the «green shoots» among the «old trees»

Undoubtedly, our guests renting apartments in St. Petersburg, the first thing will visit the Hermitage and Russian Museum. We also recommend to pay your attention to small galleries that have opened in recent years.

Often our attention is attracted by the world-famous art museums and galleries, among which the Hermitage and the Russian Museum. I try to visit them in the first place, which is not surprising. But among the art museums of St. Petersburg should be allocated to small galleries and art shops, which as a horn of plenty began to appear in the city. Their main purpose is to acquaint inhabitants and guests of the city on the Neva river with the cultural life and promotion of talented and emerging artists.

in fact, these art galleries are more and exhibitions, sales and auctions of works of art known, little known and completely unknown artists of Saint-Petersburg and Russia.

Often this program can simply visit absolutely free. And if you have the desire and opportunity to acquire work seen there, to memory and to decorate its interior and/or replenish, thus, their home collection. It may be that any work of unknown or little known artists will be in the future quite valuable both in artistic and in the material sense. However, even if the author is unknown and does material value is not very large, still getting aesthetic pleasure from working too much important.

One of such galleries is located on the Flywheel 18. It is called the gallery of modern art "Flight-18". Near the Pestelya street that is parallel to the Liteiny prospect you can find this small by the standards of the metropolis gallery. It is located in the house where from 1928 to 1937 he lived is known at the time, Russian and then Soviet sailor, marine painter, novelist, poet, ham radio operator and enthusiast of jazz Sergei Adamovich Kolbasiev. As evidenced by the plaque on the house. His name is even mentioned in the famous Soviet era film by Karen Shakhnazarov "We're from jazz". However, this person can dedicate a separate topic.

Based gallery has been in the winter of 2008, and to be more precise, in December. And in spite of such a "tender" age has become quite famous. The total area of the exposition is only 145 square meters and consists of three halls, where you can find artwork done in oil, watercolor, stone (in the form of a mosaic and, in particular, Florentine mosaic), decorative-applied art. The only caveat is that the exposition is constantly updated in the form of exhibitions. So visit the gallery can be more than once, and at the same time, being confident that your next visit to Saint Petersburg in the gallery will have to hold another exhibition.

in addition to the art works on canvas, such as exhibitions of artistic photography. There are also to be workshops, various presentations, artistic and musical evenings.

we invite You to visit this gallery and wish you a pleasant evening!

Art gallery Flight 18

the address of the gallery: Centrifugal St., 18
the Time and cost of visiting exhibitions: check!


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