New year events in St. Petersburg

we Offer a number of events that will occur in the Northern capital during new year celebrations in 2018, which will help to spend the new year holidays visitors to the city, renting apartments these holidays.

no surprise the fact that we all want fun and joy to celebrate the new year. To prepare mentally, buy gifts for friends and family, decorate the Christmas tree and decorate the house. All of us during the Christmas holidays you want good mood, merriment, gifts and of course the miracle.

Many expect the new year's eve to spend with loved ones and close friends, and of course at home, as the New year is still a family holiday, although there are those who are planning to celebrate the new year at a party, out of town or during the journey.

If You are one of those who is going on a voyage on the new year holidays in Saint Petersburg, you have fun new year's eve in different places: restaurants, night clubs, cafes and bars, but without a doubt the center of the celebration will be the Palace square.

new year events in St. Petersburg

From 23:00 on 31 December 2017 at 4:00 on the 1st January 2018 at the scene, located on Palace square will be held a festive concert with participation of variety stars.

the stage Itself will be a stylized Palace of Ice.

in addition to discos and karaoke with the stars the battle of choirs and orchestras, which will perform Christmas songs and musical compositions of similar subjects.

the Walls of the Winter Palace and General staff building will be illuminated with lights and projections, laser show, so that will be a full sense of the discos on the street.

At three in the morning assigned to the fireworks, to see that best not on the square itself, and on the quays and in particular on the Palace. This stunning light-show, which will remain in the memory forever.

Also all the winter holidays at the Palace square will be held a festive fair. However, such new year fairs will be scattered throughout the city.

Among these places we can say about the constant, Ostrovskaya square, pioneer square and many other places. There you can buy Souvenirs for Christmas and Christmas themes and not only...

since 9 PM December 31, on Nevsky Prospekt will be no problem to take a walk and enjoy the view at the Christmas decorations of the center.

In anticipation of the New year and the new year's eve Saint Petersburg metro will work around the clock. Will also work for some types and routes of public transport. So that you can many places to visit and lots to see.

new year events in St. Petersburg

the Celebration this year will begin with the formal arrival in the city on the Neva 23 Dec Ded Moroz from Veliky Ustyug.

However, new year's events are not limited to meeting the new year. A lot of theaters Available will present a variety of plays and productions especially for the New year and Christmas.

There is another interesting event in life of Petersburg, is a traditional festival of ice sculptures Ice Fantacy.

One of the sites which will be the Peter and Paul fortress.

the Festival will also be open December 23, the day of the arrival of Santa Claus. For the manufacture of various ice fantasy will be used pure ice from the river was brought to the Northern capital of the Arkhangelsk region.

This review of the Christmas event is not complete, because their range is very wide.

Dear friends, the company Hi-Tech Home wishes You a happy New year and Christmas invites You to her house on the banks of the Neva river to the Northern capital. Our apartments at Your service. the Rush time before the New year there are quite a few!


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