New, spacious apartment on Tavricheskaya street

New, spacious apartment on Tavricheskaya street

the Company hth24 Apartments is pleased to present a luxurious modern apartment in the most beautiful place of St. Petersburg, opposite the famous Tauride gardens.

the Apartment is located in a new, modern residential complex. During reconstruction, made a few years ago, preserved the historical façade, while the interior architecture is made in the form of modern houses luxury apartments. Has its own landscaped yard and bright, clean hallways and common areas, new Elevator.

Like all our apartments, this apartment for rent equipped with everything necessary for living, first-class appliances and comfortable furniture.

the Feature of this apartment is a large area (approximately 260 m2), a spacious living room, made in classic American style.

I would like to highlight the excellent location of the apartment. Opposite the house is one of the largest Central parks - the Tavricheskiy garden, which include a picturesque pond and the Creek with the Islands in the Park beyond the façade of the Tauride Palace (Palace of congresses and diplomatic meetings), near the Park there is a small area with amusement rides, a greenhouse of exotic plants, which in the evening concerts of melodious music or cultural events.

it is Also possible to walk to the Neva embankment and Smolny Cathedral and its square.

the area around the house is the most clean and cosy part of the city center. It is not so noisy as near Nevsky prospect. Around the green and aristocratic calm. Cosy cafes, small shops and restaurants..

We hope that our guests will appreciate our new apartment for rent that surely has to be one of our popular apartments of this season.

We work for You to rest with comfort!

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