«Kidburg», Labirintum «Skazkin House» will present the unforgettable new year holidays in St. Petersburg!

Children's city of professions "Kidburg" Museum of science Labirintum and the Museum-the theatre invite all residents and guests of Saint-Petersburg bright and fun to celebrate new year's eve, visiting many exciting programs for children of all ages. All guests of the Northern capital can spend the new year holidays, rent our comfortable apartments for rent, you can not worry about the comfortable accommodation.

15 Dec to 8 Jan on each of the three entertainment venues provided a rich big new year events programme.

In "Kidburg" kids from two to five years will be in a good Christmas tale "tree for the Hedgehog." Together with the forest-dwellers, they will see an unusual party and meet the main winter wizard. Restless from 6 to 12 years old will become participants of an exciting story "the Abduction of the New year, or the Mystery of the magical globe" and try yourself in the role of a brave detective. To save the occasion and defeat the evil master of Bredero boys and girls will help of modern technology.

Children over the age of 12 "Kidburg" invites "Megaspectacle" where they will be able to participate in contests and original dance battles.

Young guests of the Ceremony also will take part in an exciting quest "new year tracker". They have become real detectives to answer complex questions, to assemble a collection of stamps in the itinerary and uncover the secrets of mysterious signs, and find out who owns the mysterious footprints on the streets of the Ceremony.

Happy New year in St. Petersburg for guests renting our apartments for rent

And young researchers who love to explore the world, be sure to enjoy the new year show-program "Labirintul". The children learn about the natural Sciences during the game, celebrate the New year in the mirror, solve ingenious scientific puzzles,learn the secret "site Dedmoroz.ru" and also will participate in the scintillating experiments in which you will be able to make snow, make a colored fireworks and much more.

Happy New year in St. Petersburg for guests renting our apartments for rent

during the winter holidays at the Museum-theater "Skazkin House" are waiting for kids unique Christmas scenes and the real Christmas miracles. Meet cute ponies and the gay penguins, to go to the fairy village "Dedmorozovka" to rescue from captivity the beautiful Rapunzel, to visit the realm of the trolls and even destroy the Christmas spell – "Skutkiem Home" the most incredible magic becomes reality!

Happy New year in St. Petersburg for guests renting our apartments for rent

Become a member of these momentous events, feeling the atmosphere of Christmas magic!


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