Cultural capital awaits guests at the eve of the championship


St. Petersburg, known as the cultural capital of Russia, is this year equal the organizer of the world Cup. Reasons to visit the Northern capital has become even greater, because in addition to the many cultural and historical events all guests have a unique opportunity to watch events in preparation for the championship. The hospitality of the city will not leave anyone indifferent, and the care of comfortable daily living of course assumes the company hth24 Apartments.

Saint Petersburg loves and knows how to receive guests, being one of the most developed and sophisticated tourist cities in the world. One square meter of urban space contains an incredible number of interesting and unique attractions.

Since the first years of its Foundation Saint-Petersburg has always been a city where took place the cultural, historical and political events on a national scale. Year-round in St. Petersburg are the best festivals, concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, premieres - one event succeeds another.


the Introduction of Saint-Petersburg in the list of cities hosting the world Cup, was undeniable. Its significance for Russia and the recent football success has left no doubt of the OC, and the presence of tourist infrastructure, so important for the world championship, so it was an example for other host cities of the FIFA world Cup.

in Addition to the improvement of tourist routes and cultural events, conducted a thorough preparation in other areas. In addition to the stadium the city has repaired roads, built additional interchanges and build new objects.

special attention deserves the pedestrian bridge to get to the stadium and a new metro station, which will open before the championship. At the airport Pulkovo will appear Aeroexpress, and the terminals will be connected by a glass bridge.

Notable is a variety of other objects, and the presence of various cultural events football. Positive changes in the appearance of St. Petersburg will not remain without attention and will not only help develop tourism but also will appeal to residents and guests of the Northern capital.


Therefore, Saint-Petersburg has something to offer even the most discerning of fans and tourists who will arrive in Russia on world Cup FIFA-2018.

don't miss your opportunity to take part in unforgettable sporting event, visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world!


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