Apartment Hi-Tech Home in the loft and a view worth a million!

Apartment Hi-Tech Home in the loft and a view worth a million!

the Company Hi-Tech Home Apartments is pleased to announce our new apartments in loft style on the promenade des Anglais 20!

Apartment for rent in this place with amazing view on the Neva river will be a boon for St. Petersburg guests and citizens who want to enjoy and experience the aesthetic pleasure of the panoramic view from the comfort of the property.

the Famous St. Petersburg postcard (view of the Menshikov Palace, Academy of arts, the river), is shown in photo - this is part of the view from the apartment!

in addition, a short walk from the famous square of St. Petersburg with one of its symbols - the monument to Peter I "bronze horseman". On the other side of the Neva is a famous granite pier with the Egyptian sphinxes and other historical monuments.

the apartments Themselves also have a unique loft style: spacious, bright living room with large Windows located on two corner walls, stylish furniture, finishing of elements of aged wood.

Like all our other apartments, the apartment is equipped with everything for a comfortable stay.

Welcome to St. Petersburg!

Welcome to Hi-Tech Home apartments Apartments!

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