We moved into a new office! #HTH24 SPB!

We moved into a new office! #HTH24 SPB!

Dear friends!

I Want to share another great April events in the life friendly collective, #hth24!

We moved into a new office on Manezh square!

We value perfection, comfort and interesting design solutions not only with the device our apartments, but do love to be in such an atmosphere, disposing to the birth of new ideas and implementation of promising and ambitious plans!

We love and appreciate comfort and coziness and is willing to give it to you in our apartments!

Welcome to Hi-Tech Home Apartments!

P. S. by the Way, if You are interested in the interior of our office, I want to invite You to our new apartments, loft-style, located in the heart of Petersburg, within a 5-minute walk from "the bronze horseman" and also implement many interesting design solutions of this popular new York style.

HTH24 new office in St.Petersburg


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