The main parade of the Navy in St. Petersburg on the Day of birth Russian Navy

The main parade of the Navy in St. Petersburg on the Day of birth Russian Navy

the Company Hi-Tech Home Apartments offers to take part in the celebration of Russian Navy Day in St. Petersburg, especially those who are located or decide to accommodate our comfortable apartments for rent two steps from the Neva river embankment and place the main events of this festival.

In 2016, on the proposal of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation government adopted the decision on the resumption of the tradition of national celebration of the day of Navy of Russia. Prior to that, the festival did not have such status, but still noted sailors of all fleets. In the Soviet Union the celebration of Navy Day were of great importance.

last year the celebration has not passed not noticed by the population of the country and received a high rating among the citizens of guests. Everyone liked the idea and this is the last Sunday of July, which falls on 30 number this year in all major locations of the Navy of the country: St. Petersburg, Sevastopol, Severomorsk and Vladivostok, Baltiysk, Novorossiysk and many others, there will be a parade of military ships.

Navy Day - the main parade of the Navy of Russia in St. Petersburg

the Main large-scale celebration, of course, will take place in St.-Petersburg, and also in the city of basing of the Navy in the Baltic at Kronstadt. In the main naval parade will be attended by 40 ships of various classes. It's a cruiser, anti-submarine ships, submarines, frigates and cruisers. The celebration will also take up to 40 aircraft naval aviation of the Russian Navy.

Another innovation waits for the audience – the court will not be just moored to the quays of the Neva, and will Wake the system. It is best to observe the spectacular event will be in the Neva river between the Trinity and the Annunciation bridge.

it should be noted that not many people will be able to go to Kronstadt and watch the parade there. It will occur simultaneously with the main parade in St. Petersburg, but to participate as a spectator you will need a special invitation.

the Main highlight of that parade will take part the atomic submarine "Dmitry Donskoy" nuclear cruiser "Peter the Great".

Navy Day - podvornye nuclear missile cruiser "Dmitry Donskoy" and surface nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great" Navy

by the Way, if You haven't choked to go back in Kronstadt should visit the Large naval Cathedral, Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas. Its dome in good weather seen from far away and from almost all directions. The magnificent interior of the Cathedral will not leave You indifferent.

Navy Day - Naval Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Kronstadt

After the parade, the audience will have the opportunity to visit one or several ships or even submarine.

will Start the main naval parade July 30 at 10 o'clock in Moscow, and visiting military ships will be possible after 12 hours.

On the Palace square all day and evening will be held gala concert and then end with fireworks at 22:00.

In General, this year will be something to look at and feel proud of our Russian Navy.

P. S. Also visiting the legendary cruiser "Aurora" on the same day is recommended and encouraged.

Dmitry, HTH24 Apartments.


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