The first month of winter in St. Petersburg every time rich in all sorts of festivals, exhibitions, Christmas bazaars and Christmas fairs, theatre and film premieres. Well, as before Christmas and new year trade, these events regular. But I would like to draw the attention of our guests renting the apartment to something else.

Many of us in childhood were read historical novels about ancient Russia, such as "Great Russia", "Rus original", "mighty man" and many others. And who among us has not dreamed to seek the treasures and find something rare, expensive and unique this time?

We almost all can easily determine the material value of modern jewelry. About the aesthetic and artistic value is uncertain. Often stamped consumer goods, although sometimes there are unique instances and rare jewelry masterpieces.

In the epoch of the invasion of the Tatars on Russia, wanting to keep their values, rich and noble inhabitants of ancient Russia buried their belongings in the ground, after the withdrawal of the invaders to get them out safe and unharmed, and most importantly, it has not got to the enemy. But not all choked to do so. Someone was killed in the battle, someone was stolen into slavery and died in not will. And although the fate of these people is tragic, but buried them, the property was subsequently found in the form of hoards, and today we descendants can see their contents. You will admire the skill, talent and imagination of ancient jewelers-artisans created jewelry from gold and silver era to the Mongol invasion. And will allow us to make the exhibition "Treasures of ancient Rus in the collection of the Russian Museum", which will be held from 16 December 2015 to February 2016 in the Mikhailovsky castle.

the exhibition will be presented over four hundred jewelry items. Among the well-known us jewelry: rings, bracelets, diadems and crowns the exhibition presents and decorations which now can be found only in theatrical productions and historical fiction films. This women's jewelry Ryasne, Earrings and leaf bracelets worn by men.

All items presented in the exhibition belong to the eleven well-known hoards Dating from the XI-XIII centuries. Many of them were found in Kiev, Staraya Ryazan and Chernigov.

the exhibition also presents a unique Toolkit of ancient Russian jewelers, as well as the tribal jewelry of the ancient Slavs, jewelry from Byzantium, the Volga Bulgaria, and Scandinavia.

the Exhibition

Location: Mikhailovsky castle in St. Petersburg, 2 Sadovaya street
Time: 10:00-18:00


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