The contest, a parade and a ball of flowers at the time of the White nights in St. Petersburg

The contest, a parade and a ball of flowers at the time of the White nights in St. Petersburg

the day of Russia in the Northern capital will host the festival of flowers, which has already become traditional.

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At the beginning of the summer season of White nights in St. Petersburg for the sixth time will be a magnificent event - "Parade of flowers". Many gardening farms and florists will present their work and compositions for the contest.

the Grand event will take place in several stages and in different areas of Central part of the city.

At 14:00 from the Anichkov bridge along Nevsky Prospekt to Palace square will pass parade of platforms, vintage cars, horse-drawn carriages decorated with flower arrangement. Next proceed street theater artists, various bands brass bands, models in dresses of flowers. All the Nevsky Prospekt for a bit will be placed at their disposal. Watch the spectacle everyone can do, and a great song will take you through the creative impulse and imagination of their creators.

At 16:30 at the Palace square will be a gala opening of the festival.

Each year the festival has its own theme. This year these topics were selected: "Ecology" and "Brilliant St. Petersburg".

The square will be a competitive demonstration of floral dresses, hairstyles, umbrellas. Well-known Russian and foreign florists will present their creations to the judgment of the townspeople and the jury. Among the contestants and participants will be representatives from countries such as Finland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia, Belarus and, of course, the Netherlands.


flower Parade in St. Petersburg

Near Palace square, in Alexandria's garden, located next to the Admiralty will be flower arrangements, which will be posted here before the start of the parade on Nevsky prospect.

At 18:30 on an improvised stage near the Winter Palace on Palace gala "Flower ball", which will perform the leading soloists of Opera theatres of Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Vienna and Geneva. Will feature the world Opera classics, famous overtures and arias, romances, Neapolitan songs and music from movies. The ball will be held under the accompaniment of a Symphony orchestra "Tauride".


flower Parade in St. Petersburg

Plunge into a sea of flowers, and take pictures on the background will be all day June 12.


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