Summer evening in St. Petersburg or where to go in St. Petersburg in the second half of August

Summer evening in St. Petersburg or where to go in St. Petersburg in the second half of August

Summer is rapidly coming to an end and there are not many warm days to visit one of the most beautiful historical monuments of landscape art in the centre of St. Petersburg - Tauride garden, a cosy and comfortable daily living guests of the beautiful city on the Neva river, the company offers Hi-Tech Home Apartments.

the Tavricheskiy garden is located in the block bounded Kirochnaya, Potemkinskaya, Shpalernaya and Tavricheskaya streets. The area of the Tavricheskiy garden, at 21.1 per hectare.

Initially, the Tauride garden was an estate with a magnificent Palace and Park belonged to the famous and favorite of the Empress Catherine – Grigory Potemkin. Did her skillful hands of a master of English V. Gould, who being a talented gardener, has transformed the monotonous dull landscape of the estate in a picturesque place with lakes, ponds, stone channels and beautiful hills covered with low grasses, winding paths, alleys, lined with benches, and a breathtaking panoramic scenery.

Also under the patronage of influential personages, in the presence of large financial resources and technical resources, there were built many unique objects, such as bridges mechanic Ivan Kulibin and architect Karl Johann Speckle with spans greater than 10 meters around the Palace complex on the project of its founders erected two magnificent pond. The water with a unique hydraulic system sourced from the Ligovsky canal. The land freed up after the digging of ponds used for the construction of beautiful landscape designs, walkways, ravines. In the middle of the pond left by the two mysterious Islands for a romantic rendezvous.

Today the garden is fully restored and its appearance as close to the original. Here is a neat alleys and lawns, a picturesque pond, in which live six swans. Along the borders of the garden preserved old trees — oak, larch and lime. In the Park there are children's and sports playgrounds, as well as greenhouse Tauride garden with exotic plants.

Gardens of the Tauride garden

At the exit from the garden is the huge modern complex "Tavrichesky garden", open to visitors in the spring of 2007. Here guests of any age will find activities and lessons for the soul.


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