Recommend a visit to the Youth theatre on Fontanka!

Recommend a visit to the Youth theatre on Fontanka!

the Guest-theater hotels in St. Petersburg, is sometimes difficult to choose where is still to go in those few spare summer evenings while traveling.

Indeed, looking at the St. Petersburg poster, the eyes diverge from the abundance of interesting performances, the world-famous masters and performances.

However, if you want to experience not only the luxuriousness of the setting, the brilliance of the special effects, the thunder music, and the charm of St. Petersburg ballet, and is a fine, classic and sincere game of actors, without strain and raising my voice, but memorable for its strength and proximity to the experiences of the characters, we recommend you to visit the Youth theater on Fontanka!

the Whale Alexei Tolstoy chosen not by chance. This show not only highlights the unique style of this theater, but will be close and enjoyable to a wide range of guests.

Performances will take place in the evening (with 19:00 - 23:00) 17, 25 Aug or 15 Sep. Tickets can be purchased at the box office of the city or take advantage of Concierge hth24.

I Want to mention that guests, renting apartments promenade des Anglais, apartment Fontanka or Stremyannaya street going to the theater can be combined with a walk through the narrow streets of the center of St. Petersburg or a small trip to the historical places by taxi to enjoy the light coolness of the evening and feel the aftertaste of the performance.


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