New apartment in warm colors on Krestovsky island

New apartment in warm colors on Krestovsky island

the Company hth24 Apartments is glad to offer new apartment in St. Petersburg, located in scenic upscale area, on Krestovsky island.

the Apartment is in a modern elite residential complex and designed in classic warm tones, natural and high-quality finishing materials. There is a spacious glazed loggia-terrace with scenic views where You can exercise or enjoy a Cup of coffee, looking at the greenery of the city Central.

Like all the other apartments from hth24 the apartment is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay guests, business people or those who came to cheer for your favorite football team in the World Cup. The apartment is a short walk from the stadium St. Petersburg, so it may be a superior alternative to expensive hotels or apartments, the prices of which for the period of the world Cup is vastly overpriced.

we Wish You a pleasant stay in St. Petersburg!


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