Jerzy Loft Floors! Not only for fans of loft style apartments in…

Jerzy Loft Floors! Not only for fans of loft style apartments in…

Already popular worldwide and became a classic new York loft - style is not bypassed and the tastes of our guests, especially for whom Hi-Tech Home Apartments offers cosy apartment for rent in loft style, traditionally located in the heart of St. Petersburg right in the epicenter of classical architecture and excellent views of the river and are equipped with the latest technology.

However, now we want to offer fans of this style visit one of the most interesting exhibitions are also dedicated to... the hedgehogs!

Our choice for these rather exotic animals fell by chance, because very often those renting apartments rent, our personal assistant of the tourists - free Service the last time gets questions about how to go to a petting zoo with raccoons, lemurs, hedgehogs... or how to arrange a photo shoot with huskies or other unusual cities breeds of dogs or even cats.

We are very fond of animals and therefore are pleased to help our guests with such requests!

so, in St.-Petersburg in the end of April and beginning of may, you can visit the exciting annual exhibition at the popular art-space "Loft Floors" on the Ligovsky Prospekt next to the most our apartments.

the Exhibition "JERZY" is an opportunity to interact with these beautiful creatures of nature for adults and children. Pets will attend the exhibition together with the owners who are willing to talk about the character, habits, and show something interesting...

it is Possible that You will want to have a little friend!

hedgehogs in Loft Floors! Not only for lovers of apartments in loft style...


29 APR - 9:00 – 21:00

April 30,- 9:00 – 21:00

may 1 - 9:00-21:00

for More information about the festival You can get by phone +7 (812) 458-50-05 or using the help HTH24 Concierge service on a single phone 8 (800) 100-68-17!


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