Festival «St. Petersburg HARLEY DAYS»

Festival «St. Petersburg HARLEY DAYS»

At the beginning of August in St. Petersburg will host the event which will appeal to many, as it featured the legendary brand, known worldwide for its motorcycles and more specifically Harley Davidson. This momentous event will certainly be of interest to our guests renting apartments in St. Petersburg.

the history of the production and the brand starts in the XX century with the creation of William Sylvester Harley engine capacity of 115 cubic inches, which was installed with the help of his childhood friend Arthur Davidson on a frame specially designed for this bike. However, engine power is not enough even to climb the hills of his native town of Milwaukee. As a result, in 1903, it was decided to create the first motorcycle with an engine capacity of 405 cubic inches. As the frames were created by a modified frame Milwaukee Merkel motorcycle in 1903 with the release. Motorcycle was assembled in a barn standing family court of Davidson, and in September 1904, the first motorcycle of the legendary brand took part in motorcycle races State Fair Park, they were ruled by Edward Hildebrand, who took the results of the race in fourth place. In 1905 began the first sale until just the engines, and then immediately issued the first three of the motorcycle. 1906 marked the opening of the first factory for the production of motorcycles, and in the same year was produced for the first fifty copies. In ten years produced and sold was 16 284 motorcycles Harley-Davidson. For this indicator, the company has surpassed even then the main competitors of the company Indian. The development of the company and contributed to military orders, during the first and second world war. However, the birth of the style marked in the period of the great depression, when in favor of the wishes of customers on the gas tank began to bear the eagle. Thus was laid the culture of "customizing", that is, fine-tuning mass-produced cars under the taste of the owner.

the Whole XX century, the brand is gaining popularity and many models becomes a cult. So after the filming of the movie the Terminator and Terminator 2 model Softail Fat Boy makes it a blockbuster.

Now the world has a huge number of owners and fans of the brand including in Russia. There are a large number of clubs, there are also regular festivals. One of such festivals will be held in St. Petersburg from 6 to 9 August 2015, with the support of the company "Harley-Davidson". The festival "St. Petersburg HARLEY DAYS" various demonstrations, trade exhibition area, where you can buy parts for the "custom items" and all kinds of Souvenirs will be guided motorcycle tours in Peterhof, Kronstadt and just in the city, including a night for festival participants. Will also be various competitions for stunt riding. Everyone will be able to carry out a test-ride cymbals for different models of motorcycles all days of the festival.

every day will be a parade of motorcycles and various concert programmes.

the Main event will take place at the Palace square and Ostrovskogo.


Official website: http://www.harleydays.ru


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