Exhibition «Dashing 90-E. Freedom without borders» — interesting for guests renting our apartments

Exhibition «Dashing 90-E. Freedom without borders» — interesting for guests renting our apartments

for those renting our apartments for rent in the period from December 17, 2019 March 1, 2020 and are interested in the modern history of Russia or having vivid memories about the period of the 90-ies of XX century, it is recommended to glance on an exhibition "Dashing 90-E. Freedom without borders".

17 December 2019 at the Museum of art in St. Petersburg of the XX-XXI centuries will open the exhibition visited the works of artists of the post-Soviet era of 90-ies of XX century.

the City of St. Peter, rich in all sorts of unique historical places and various events.

Everyone who plans to visit St. Petersburg definitely want to visit various sights, museums, exhibition, exhibitions, theatres, night clubs, bars, restaurants, shopping centers and much more.

unfortunately, the visit is very limited and is already in place there is no time to choose where to go and what to see. Without a doubt, in the first visit to the city is sure to be carried out a visit to the Hermitage and Russian Museum, as well as in their branches, which are located throughout the city.

However, those who have already visited Saint Petersburg earlier visit to the main sights and major museums may seem not so interesting, even though multiple visits to the Russian Museum or the Hermitage of the same is unlikely to be limited.

the Collection of these museums are significant and there will always be something to see. In addition, their rooms are constantly a variety of the exhibition from the collections of many museums of Russia and the world. So sometimes during a visit to the Northern capital, for example, to visit the Louvre or the British Museum.

when visiting any Museum or exhibition move in time, because the exhibits are already in themselves historical artifacts.

If you only make plans and are going to rent an apartment in Saint-Petersburg, apartments hth24 will help you to not only be in a welcoming environment, but feel at home.

coziness and location are often many apartments in the city centre will not only keep great memories about St Petersburg, but also to reduce the time for moving around the city.

We will provide comprehensive support and assistance and also information.

Among the interesting events from our point of view may be the exhibition "Dashing 90-E. Freedom without borders", which will be held on December 17, 2019 March 1, 2020 at the Museum of art in St. Petersburg of the XX-XXI centuries (iicp) is located on the Embankment of Griboedova canal, 103. Iicp is a structural subdivision of the Central exhibition hall "Manege".

it's been nearly twenty years of the third Millennium, but the 90-ies of XX century, many in memory still. Among the economic changes in the contemporary life of Russia quietly passed its cultural life.

Dashing 90-e years left in the memory of most people in our country a lot of memories. Among them crimson jackets and heavy gold chains, cellular phones, rampant crime, terrorist acts of the Chechen fighters, the arrival of Vladimir Putin to power with a light hand B. N. Yeltsin, the first personal computers and the advent of the Internet.

But as to the art of the time, then without a doubt there is a serious gap.

So get acquainted with the works of artists of different ages dashing 90-h will not be uninteresting.

the exhibition will feature the works of Mikhail Roginsky, Vladislav Mamyshev Monroe, Timur Novikov, Vasily Komar and Alexander Melamid, Viktor Pivovarov, Igor Makarevich, Bella Matveeva, Olga Tobreluts, Marina Koldobskaya, the Gipper, Puper as well as other artists.



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