Christmas fair in Saint Petersburg — are there any welcome gift becomes a reality!

One of the most anticipated events of Peter are a festive new year fairs, where numerous guests and residents of the city can visit the original performances and master classes, to see the unimaginable beauty of the goods, all sorts of Goodies, charge of excellent mood and, of course, to buy a mountain of Christmas gifts for themselves and their families. And all questions about comfortable daily living and accommodation of course assumes the company Hi-Tech Home Apartments.

so, where do you go first? Among all the abundance of new year and Christmas fairs, perhaps you should pay close attention to the following: Christmas fair on Pioneer square, Moscow square, on the Embankment of the bypass channel, the show "Northern lights", the fair on Elagin island, fair festivities in Gatchina, shopping gallery "Passage" and many others.

Pioneer square attracts traders and visitors from across the country and also from countries near and far abroad (Czech Republic, England, Belgium, China, India, etc.). This year it is expected the appearance of the pavilion "Vietnam". Visitors can not only make purchases but also to get acquainted with culture and traditions of New year celebrations in other countries, listen to the fiery music, taste national dishes and even create DIY gifts.

new year fair at Pioneer square - #hth24 Apartments

In the Moscow area St. Petersburg set dozens of shopping pavilions, visited by merchants from different parts of Russia. The fair complex will be installed 60 pavilions, stalls with various products: regional Souvenirs, drinks, Goodies and themed products every Russian region. In addition, near the House of Councils will open a Museum of amazing ice sculptures.

new year fair in Moscow - #hth24 Apartments

For several years on the Waterfront bypass canal arranged a lush Christmas fair. Its main difference from similar events is a large variety of workshops, thanks to which visitors can make a souvenir for a loved one with your own hands.

Fair-exhibition "Northern lights" will be located at Malaya Konushennaya street. Many call this exhibition a kind of modern new year's festival where you can not just see but also to acquire at a fairly attractive price small, but very memorable and unique Souvenirs and gifts.

On Elagin island in dozens of trade stalls located at the stables corps, will be presented a large selection of Souvenirs and edible products. Scheduled entertainment program, in particular it offers fun contests, performances. Opens at the market and ice rink. And a perfect accompaniment of all this will be the aroma of delicious gingerbread and hot mulled wine.

At the fair Gatchina constantly hosts various festivities, concerts and dances at the Christmas tree, the carousel. Slides. At the fair, you expect an abundance of various goods and Souvenirs, which also includes the unusual beauty of a painted and embroidered shawls, boots, Tula gingerbread. Its fun hardly someone will leave indifferent.

new year fair in Gatchina - #hth24 Apartments

In the shopping gallery “Passage” unfold the fair, which deserves the title of most beautiful in all of St. Petersburg, because at the fair not only sell the usual Souvenirs and other utensils, but these exclusive things. Those who understand a lot about the quality and rare products can be purchased at the exhibition unique gifts, designer jewelry, collectible items and much more.

Become a guest at these amazing events, and good mood and a fabulous experience will not keep you waiting!!!


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