Alone with the silence in Saint-Petersburg!

Alone with the silence in Saint-Petersburg!

the Period from early November to mid-December in St. Petersburg many believe the gloomy autumn and rarely plan trips to the Northern capital to stay, however, this is a wonderful opportunity to relax from the hustle and Affairs, plunged in silence and St. Petersburg the first snow.

in addition, due to the low seasons is an opportunity to rent a luxury apartment for a very attractive price. This opportunity will allow You to fully plunge into the atmosphere of warmth and comfort the apartment itself, perceiving them as a part of Your journey and of Peter.

Where to stay

Renting an apartment with views of the city, the Neva or the Fontanka - the opportunity to admire the beauty and Majesty of St. Petersburg, right from the comfort of home.

Located on Million and Italian the streets, English and Admiralty embankments beneficial for those who prefer at any time of the day to go for a short walk at the most famous and ancient streets and see the famous St. Petersburg sights, but slightly cold or wrap up in a cozy cafe on the Sink or the nearby streets or go for a Cup of tea in a warm apartment.

some of our apartments features a sauna or Jacuzzi, You can feel free to spend a long walk without fear of freezing.

Where to visit

this year in St. Petersburg the first snow fell early, so she walk around the city can be great fun, but not worth to choose this crowded through streets, and better proytis to the Palace square and Hermitage Museum, stroll through the Admiralty square to the monument "the bronze horseman", look on Vasilievsky island.

comfortable place may be the district Tavricheskiy and Potemkinskaya streets, in addition, you can look in the Greenhouse Tavrichesky garden on the Potemkin. Depending on the day of the visit in the evening, along with the exposition of tropical plants there may be a chamber concert of classical music (cello, harp).

in addition to walks, interesting may be going to the movies, for example, in the cinema "Angleterre Cinema lounge", where in addition to luxurious ambience, you can experience the atmosphere of this movie, due to the lack of translation (films are shown in original version, without translation).

This period is also an excellent opportunity to visit one of St Petersburg's famous theatres, such as the Mariinsky. Fans of dramatic theatre should familiarize yourself with the repertoire of the BDT on the Fontanka or Alexandrinsky theaters.

the St. Petersburg restaurants and bars - also a great opportunity to spend a luxurious evening, however, the choice here is very difficult. If you can Express your wishes in a few words that describe the necessary emotions, you should contact HTH24 Concierge, as apart from the recommendations, you are guaranteed to get a table booked in the right place.


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