A unique event in the Northern capital — the concert of the legendary British group Depeche Mode

A unique event in the Northern capital — the concert of the legendary British group Depeche Mode

the Company Hi-Tech Home Apartments offers not to miss unique event and visit the one-off concert in St. Petersburg, which will take place on 13 July 2017 at 19:30 on the Playground SKK "Petersburg".

Also, it would be a great addition to White nights. And our cozy apartments for rent in the city of Petra will give You comfort and a pleasant aftertaste from this event!

I note that with the purchase of tickets of the appropriate type gladly help our free travel assistant - Concierge hth24!

Old school D. M.

My first acquaintance with the band Depeche Mode took place when I was a green teenager and still existed an unbreakable Union. While a regular audio cassette tape was worth decent money, but the quality of the playback from the media not stand up to scrutiny. In addition, the digital recording of sound was a gimmick, the pinnacle of the quality of the recorded source.

First audition in 1990 of songs from the album "101" concert not only inspired, but also slightly puzzled.

Long could not understand why this music is so like my peers, because of all the available songs I liked only a few – Black Celebration, Blasphemous Rumours, Strangelove.

However, listening to the album Violator-they sucked me in entirely and "101 concert" after repeated listening was appreciated.

the Available albums was almost immediately overwritten by one of the first bought then for big money two-cassette recorder Sharp and literally listened to the holes on the Soviet player Amfiton subject to the availability of AA-batteries and accumulators. The player has also made excellent headphones from the production Association "VEGA", which at least partially smoothed very lousy quality of the copied sound recording.

In modern conditions, when you listen to re-recorded hits of this legendary group with a multichannel Hi-Res system, I can not believe that once these songs are made as strong and vigorous an impression and was far from a classic, a novelty which I tried and learned to listen.

Depeche Mode - Global Spirit Tour 2017 - SPb

Since then, much time has passed and events in life, but Depeche Mode is still associated with carefree youth and faith in a brighter future. And sometimes I feel nostalgic that any Remix or remake of one of the greatest songs Depeche Mode returns in those years.

though the visits of the famous British band in Russia is not frequent, enough fingers of one hand. This time the titans decided to speak first in St. Petersburg and then in Moscow. Concerts takes place in the framework of the world tour "Global Spirit Tour 2017 / 2018" and timed to the release of the new album "Spirit".

Fans and lovers of the electronic classics do not miss this event!

Dmitry, HTH24 Apartments.


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