Ogopogos Saint Petersburg

Ogopogos Saint Petersburg

the Company hth24.Apartments provides services for comfortable accommodation of families of patients of the children's neurological center Logologos located in Saint-Petersburg, Paradnaya str. 3

in addition to the close proximity of some of the units of our company to the center of the Forecast and of excellent quality and amenities of the apartments themselves, we also provide a number of special additional services, such as:

• Babysitting

• Free Shuttle service from the apartments to the clinic.

• Provide if needed Cribs and strollers.

• Implemented additional cleaning of the rented apartments in the long term stay

the following is a list of apartments that most closely and conveniently located to center on Front St. 3 or so to rule out move with the risk of getting into traffic jams. Also, all of the following apartments comfortably accommodate families with children, and together with the support staff (they have separate bedrooms, bathrooms and several other amenities).

details of placement and the need for certain services You can discuss with the managers hth24.Apartments by phone or e-mail, instant messengers listed on the website.

Please note that in addition to the required services, our personal assistant, Concierge hth24 (hth24.services) that are provided free to all our guests, fulfill Your wishes, organizing cultural program, catering or other services to make Your stay in Saint Petersburg not only forced, but unforgettable and enjoyable!


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