Of apartments for short term rent in St. Petersburg

Of apartments for short term rent in St. Petersburg

In Saint-Petersburg daily attracts hundreds of tourists and businessmen. This city is famous for its numerous attractions and significant places. Many lovers of history and beauty come in North Venice.

in Front of each guest there arises the question of accommodation. This issue is especially acute during the tourist season and holidays.

For connoisseurs of comfort and coziness we offer apartments for a short period. You can choose an apartment according to your taste and financial possibilities. We offer apartments for a short term of different levels, whether it's Studio apartment rent, flat business class or VIP Suite.

a List of all our apartments is here!

All apartments are adapted for a comfortable stay. This well renovated apartment, furnished with modern and stylish furniture, equipped with all necessary appliances (including the apartments have stereos, DVD or Blu-Ray players, a smart TV panel, which suggests a decent level of comfort for guests, about the great opportunity to cook and plan your daily routine.

the biggest advantage and a powerful argument when choosing apartment rent is the economic side of the question, namely, the rental cost is not strongly dependent on the number of hosted people. Naturally, apartments for short term rent in Saint-Petersburg are designed for a certain number of persons, and almost every description of the apartment shows the number of available beds, however, if the number of entries for one or 2 persons more, and better options in the Arsenal of not, the employees of the company help to comfortably place and the right amount of people. Price in such cases is increasing slightly.

it makes the apartments look so best for family or company. You can save money, while getting comfort, maintain daily routines and communicate with friends without limitations. Another important aspect when choosing to rent apartments for short term is that all the apartments are located in the heart of the city, which provides more opportunity to enjoy your trip. All the attractions of this fantastic city are within walking distance. But when choosing an apartment in Saint-Petersburg is the important point.

with our the services of daily rent apartments in St. Petersburg, You can save money and time, get the opportunity to spend the time to enjoy your trip and keep pleasant impressions about the days spent in this wonderful city on the Neva.


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