Book an apartment — preparing for a business trip or business visit in St. Petersburg

Book an apartment — preparing for a business trip or business visit in St. Petersburg

Planning a business trip or a business trip to large city, such as Saint Petersburg important point is the question of accommodation.

the Location must be in the vicinity of target sites of the visit - business centers, banks and other facilities of the business infrastructure of the city. Also important are accessibility, privacy, the opportunity to live with drivers, guards or just a small company and have on hand everything you need: Parking at the entrance, office, fast Internet, safe box...

Convenient location close to stations and the roads leading to the airport.

In terms of the business visit is unacceptable to stand for hours in traffic jams and waste precious time.

in addition to the workers and organizational issues should not be neglected and the issues of comfort and care. It is extremely important that you rest in the silence, the opportunity to take a luxury bath, or relax in the sauna.

in addition to the traditional option of booking a hotel room, we strongly recommend that you consider this option, apartments for rent, but rather rent apartments of hotel type.

of Course apartments for rent just to the individual is unacceptable, as this apartment will not provide the necessary level of service and quality of the apartment itself, and does not imply a non-cash transaction and provide the necessary reporting documents. In this case, you must contact the management company, such as ours.

for Example rent a three-room apartment for rent is a great way to accommodate two or three business people, and if you need a large area or a place for the reception, we can offer You rent four-room apartments.

On the company website You will be able to see all the options to see the interiors and the location of the apartments to book an apartment and order the necessary additional services and requirements. Also, managers will be able to tell You all the details, and advise on any issue associated with Your placement.

we Wish You a productive and pleasant trip!


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