Apartments in St.-Petersburg without intermediaries

Apartment in St. Petersburg without intermediaries is an economical alternative to hotels. Today, this service is in high demand. For much less money than a hotel apartment, You get comfort, safety, and the opportunity to enjoy your stay.

Many want to visit this wonderful city and tourists wishing to enjoy the unique architectural ensembles of the city, visit famous museums and theatres, to feel the unique romantic atmosphere of white nights. It and business people visiting St. Petersburg for meetings, seminars and forums. Apartments for rent - the best way to resolve the issue of residence.

We offer apartments for rent inexpensively and without intermediaries. Our apartments are located in the heart of St. Petersburg. If You want to rent an apartment for a day or more, we will be happy to assist you.

All our apartments for daily rent designed and properly equipped: there is everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Stylish interior, comfortable furniture, all appliances, cookware and bedding, Internet and cable TV - all these will guarantee You a comfortable stay. The website contains all the pictures and descriptions of our apartments and our employees maintain all of the information and photos up to date.

Another important point - our apartments are located in the heart of Saint Petersburg, in walking distance from the attractions of the city. Developed infrastructure will help you enjoy without disturbing your usual daily routine. The proposed apartments are private property, all booking conditions are negotiated directly with the owner of the residential property, without intermediaries and without Agency. You don't have to pay a cent of real estate agencies and realtors for the services selection of accommodation options. We will gladly help You to find a suitable apartments according to your taste and financial possibilities.


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