Apartments for rent without intermediaries in St. Petersburg — we have!

Apartments for rent without intermediaries in St. Petersburg — we have!

rent of apartments for rent every year is becoming more popular and finds more and more supporters among both tourists and business people traveling on a business trip, and among the inhabitants of the city, wanting to spend time with friends or loved one or to accommodate guests from other cities.

of Course, this is no accident, because no hotel in St. Petersburg, in the aggregate, will not offer as many amenities and comfort for a reasonable price like apartments for rent. Petersburg, especially in season, are visited by many tourists and book a hotel room at a reasonable price is extremely difficult. In addition, budget hotels are located far from the center of the city, and often even from metro stations, which is extremely disadvantageous for tourists.

of Course, apartments for rent in the center of St. Petersburg are more expensive, but this difference is many times kompensiruet convenience and savings on transport, because often guests of the city want to walk in the evening city or relax in a cafe or restaurant, and given that in St. Petersburg the metro runs only until midnight, as in General other means of public transport, will have to get a taxi which is not cheap, not to mention after the bridges detour on the ring road can cost You almost like renting an apartment for a day. SPb is a very big city and it is impossible not to take into account its geography and transport intensity.

Apartment for short term has other advantages - it is usually fully equipped with excellent appliances and everything needed for a comfortable stay, while a hotel room to use the kettle and iron You will not be allowed, not to mention, to reheat or to cook dinner.

However, if you are looking for apartments, You will surely encounter the fact that:

first, it is very hard to find a place to rent without intermediaries, as agencies seized almost all good options, and the Commission is approximately equal to the daily value.

second, it is difficult to book an apartment in advance for a specific date, as in when more lucrative offers that overlap with your period, the owner or agent will naturally prefer it, and you'll find another, probably less good option (if you can find at all, especially if You failed to make a Deposit and get a receipt). As for prepayment, it is also difficult to make it with a guarantee from another city.

third, not all cases have the opportunity to see a sufficient number of photographs, clear descriptions, and location to choose an apartment, especially if it is an apartment from the owner. In fact contain a good website and hiring a photographer is expensive.

However, in recent years there have been companies that provide apartments for rent in St. Petersburg without a fee. One of these companies, the most beloved by tourists is our - Hi-Tech Home.

Our advantages are obvious:

  • All apartments in the centre of St. Petersburg, in the so-called "Golden triangle"
  • All apartments, even the economy class, have chic interiors and great furniture and appliances, not to mention the authentic design and custom furniture that will provide You with multi-level VIP - apartments for rent.
  • great website, where You can get detailed information about each apartment and literally "look" at every corner, because the most of the apartments are equipped with 3D panoramas. Also on the site you can fill out an application for booking of the desired apartment.
If you are interested in comfortable accommodation in the center of St. Petersburg, you'll find we have the right solution for You!

Full list of our apartments is here!


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