Apartments for rent — review Hi-Tech Home Apartments

Apartments for rent — review Hi-Tech Home Apartments

Apartments for rent in recent years become an integral part of the journey in almost any resort or major city in Russia.

previously, it was felt that many still refer to this type of accommodation with skepticism, but now this practice has become common, and tourists and business people coming somewhere to visit or invite as guests of local companies.

the experts daily rent of apartments operating on the market for 10 years (at luxury apartments for rent in Saint Petersburg, Sochi, Tallinn), we, Hi-Tech Home Apartments, can bring some statistics.

Indeed, with the increase rate of foreign currencies against the ruble has changed not only the demand of tourists, but also aspects of the market. During these two years, the price of daily rent of apartments increased slightly, in that time, hotels were divided into two categories: significantly raised the cost of living or seeking to reduce costs and expenses for the services provided. The latter, unfortunately, most often done so at the expense of the quality of services.

Nice and the fact that the demand for apartments for rent become more skilled and cultural. Many now do not seek to indiscriminately something cheaper and turn to a reliable management companies, agencies, or firms offering apartments for rent.

Slightly overpaying, guests find themselves in a very comfortable apartment in the city center and all of the events, within walking distance from almost all the necessary objects: business centers, tourist attractions, major shopping and entertainment complexes.

offer Themselves on the market daily real estate evolyutsioniruet, excluding small and not caring about the quality of the proposals in favor of quality housing.

a Similar situation exists in the southern resort towns. More demanding to the quality of services clients formiruyut a steady demand for good housing and related services such as rental cars, Shuttle service, delivery of food, drinks, purchase high-quality goods.

I note that the company Hi-Tech Home offers all guests, not just renting our apartments, a range of services - Concierge hth24. Concierge is a free assistant that offers services of catering, leisure, shopping, booking tickets to tourists. Only need to pay for the goods and services and, as a rule, discounts or other benefits.

by Using this service, you can book a table at the restaurant, using the privileges of the partner, or buy a ticket to a sporting or entertainment when there is a rush.

We hope that guests will appreciate this service that make their vacation or business trip more enjoyable and productive.

We are glad that our work helps to make the stay of thousands of guests comfortable and enjoyable - way and must have experiences in the best places of our Planet!


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