Apartments for rent for photoshoots and video

Short-term apartment rental with narimanovskaya, design interiors is the perfect solution for shooting films and videos and for photo shoots.

the Company Hi-Tech Home offers for rent a large number of apartments in the centre of Saint-Petersburg, design interiors, equipped with furniture and all necessary household appliances of high class. By the lease of one or more of these apartments You will be able to implement the necessary ambience and atmosphere of the space for shooting films, commercials, reality shows and for photo shoots.

Among the regular customers Hi-Tech Home companies and studios, they regularly conduct an interior survey in our apartments, however, even turning to us to rent, even the same apartment, they note that due to renovation of furniture, carpets and household items, there is always the opportunity to do so that the viewer does not recognize the interior when you view new frames, however, working with the administrators of our company, there is a possibility - on the contrary, after a long period of time, perform some work scenes or frames with original interior.

Thinking about where to conduct a qualitative survey or a photo shoot?

Call us! We will gladly offer you any of our apartments and assist You in implementing all Your ideas!

We are also pleased to present some clips from our partners, we have taken:

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