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VIP classЧетырехкомнатнаяAddressAdmiralteyskaya 10DistrictCentralFloors/ElevatorParkingPlacesEntire area210 mRoomsRooms: 22, 21, 18, 38 m. Two levels. Terrace. One of the best views from windows in PetersburgPriceот 25000 rub$444 per night**

Exclusive two-level VIP apartments for rent on Admiralteyskaya emb. 10

Ladies and gentlemen! This is a real exclusive! One of the best apartments of the City!
Living in these apartments for certain becomes one of the most pleasant moments of Your tour to St. Petersburg! The apartments are located in the cultural center of Saint-Petersburg nearby the main Points of interest: The Hermitage, Spit Embankment of Vasilevsky Island, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the best bars and restaurants of the Northern Capital, and also the main street of St. Petersburg - Nevsky Prospect.
In these apartments, You'll feel the real luxury: three spacious bedrooms, billiards, a terrace overlooking Neva, Dvortsovy Bridge, the Peter and Paul Fortress and other sights of the city, a fireplace, jacuzzi, plasma TVs... Is it possible to wish something more?
Present the royal rest to Yourself and your family or friends, feel the real secular person!
If you are planning a trip to Petersburg and are thinking about reserving hotel, You shold know, that the best hotels of the city won't offer you such comfort, as this artwork apartments!


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