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VIP classAddressL. VolochaevskoeDistrictCentralFloors/ElevatorParkingPlacesEntire areaRoomsPriceот 20000 rub$355 per night**

Cottedge for rent on the Lake Volochaevskoe

If You decide to have a break from the bustle of the metropolis, a great idea to rent a cottage!
For example, this luxurious and truly charming European-style cottage on the shore of Lake Volochaevskoe.
Warm wood in adjacent to the successful execution and extravagance of color and decoration. In this house You will find everything Your heart desires: a spacious bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, a Jacuzzi, an elegant fireplace, bath. And with the help of a projector You can arrange a real movie theater!
Here You can stay with family or friends to sit with a favorite book by the fireplace or throw a noisy party! And all this surrounded by indescribable beauty of Russian nature.
If you want to rent a cottage, this one would be difficult to resist!
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