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View 3D-pano of the apartment in Saint-Petersburg for short term rent
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VIP classДвухкомнатнаяAddressНевский 133DistrictCentralFloors1/3ElevatorNoParkingFree in the yardPlacesEntire area70 мRoomsRooms: 20 & 18 m, kitchen: 12 mPriceот 4000 rub$70 per night** цена может увеличиваться в зависимости от сезона и числа проживающих

VIP apartment for the short term rent on Nevskiy prospect 133

It's hard to believe that this silent two-room apartment with author's design is located in two steps away from the main street of Petersburg - bright and dynamic Nevsky Avenue!

Plunging into the unique interior of these apartments, You will feel that all other world remained outside and nothing will prevent Your leisure. Here You will find everything for pleasant residing: DVD and Blu-Ray TV players, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven, iron, coffee maker, hair dryer and many other things. The parking zone in the yard becomes a pleasant bonus.

If You'll decide to change the rhythm of Your rest, settled-down in the neighbourhood bars, restaurants, city shopping centers (Gallery and Stokmann), cinemas (including a huge IMAX hall) - are at Your service.

If you want to have a rest with a small company, to rent this apartment is a great decision!

If You are planning a trip to Saint-Petersburg, You should know that to rent a flat is cheaper then the hotel or mini-hotel with such service level.


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