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VIP classЧетырехкомнатнаяAddressKharkovskaya 8aDistrictCentralFloors5/5ElevatorYesParkingPlacesEntire area170 mRoomsBed-rooms: 22, 24 m, study 18 m, kitchen 15 m, living room 40 m.Priceот 8000 rub$141 per night**

Elite 4 room apartments in the center of Saint-Petersburg at Kharkovskaya 8a

We are glad to represent You the super-elite four-room apartment in Kharkov street!
The apartments are located in the heart of St. Petersburg, but in a new luxury brick house. The house has only 26 apartments. There are 2 parking places, one in the underground garage, the second under a canopy, the area is fenced, and secured. Two steps to Nevsky Prospect and Moskovsky railway station.
The apartment is equipped with the latest technology: central air conditioning (heat and cold), heated floor, jacuzzi ... not to mention everything needed for a luxurious stay. The apartment has an excellent expensive furniture. 2 balconies and 2 bathrooms.


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