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Business ClassЧетырехкомнатнаяAddress6th SovetskayaDistrictCentralFloors2/4ElevatorNoParkingPlacesEntire areaRoomsPriceот 8000 rub$142 per night**

Four room apartment for rent by day on 6th Sovetskaya street

Photos of these apartments speak more eloquently than any words!
Not so often falls off the possibility of renting such the apartment. One room and You are in a hunting lodge, and the next moment You find yourself in a surreal world of Lewis Carroll, another step and You are in a modern interior-class! And all this beauty is available to You within a two-level apartments! Here You can find anything: furniture, made to special order, a real fireplace, animal skins, sauna, jacuzzi and even a small swimming pool! Among all this exclusive, plasma display panels, DVD-players, Wi-Fi Internet, microwaves, and other useful things looks like ordinary things.
If You decide on the time to return to the real world - the best clubs, bars and restaurants, monuments, cinemas (including IMAX), shopping malls, museums and much more ... are all at Your services and nearby!
If you are planning a tour to St. Petersburg looking for a hotel number, we are just mentioning, that renting the apartment by day will be for certain cheaper than a hotel or a mini-hotel of same class! And no hotel of St. Petersburg can offer You anything like that!


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